Brief info

Glenda begn her training when she was three years old in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Her dance background is Ballet, Jazz, Modern, Traditional Brazilian dances and Contemporary dance. She has been dancing and teaching professionally for over 15 years. She has performed throughout Brazil in countless dance events and competitions with brilliant outcomes. In the United States, Glenda was a dancer for Ringling Bros. and Barnum and Bailey circus for 5 years, where she also had her aerial training and performed over 400 shows a year. Glenda has been living in Cincinnati for 2 years and is active in the art scene. She has participated in the Fringe festival 2016 as a dancer for Pones Inc., The Ohio Dance Summer Lawn Series and at The International Fair in Dayton with a local Peruvian dance group. In 2016 Co- produced the show ‘ Cornersʼ presented by Performance and Time Arts series. In 2017 performed as a dancer for Fringe Festival with the shows ‘ Anonymousʼ by Mandie Reiber and ‘ Place Settingʼ by Pones Inc. Currently Glenda teaches ballet, jazz and contemporary dance at Queen City Dance Academy and modern jazz fusion at the Contemporary Dance Theater.