Brief info

Over the last 17yrs, Eclypse has focused his attention on all the major street dance styles starting with Breaking (breakdance) then moving to Popping, Locking, House and Krump. His preferred style is Popping and specifically Robotic Animation.

With the knowledge gained directly from originators of the styles and their students, Eclypse trained. In the battle world he became known for his hard hitting aggressive style of popping. After many years he stepped away from competition to perform. First with a group called the 20/Twenty Cru and eventually, he created The Millennium Robots performance group. He's opened for and performed with various International acts like KRS-One, Lupe Fiasco, Rusko, Flux Pavilion, MrCarmack, Troi Boy and Black Thought of The Roots. Locally, The Millennium Robots perform at festivals, concerts and have had many television appearances including City Lights, Living Dayton and Good Morning America. Julius was featured at the Cincinnati Ballet New Works 2014 project where audiences had close up taste of his mechanical style. Since then he's created choreography in multiple high profile classical collaborations. Most notably Concert Nova: Alleged Dances of 2015 with MyCincinnati at HipArt2016 and Lumenocity 2016. Eclypse has also created Cincinnati’s No.1 Street dance event called Heroes Rise. This event brings street style dancers from all over the country to compete against local talent for a top prize.

From competing to judging and now teaching, Eclypse quickly becoming a force in the street culture community. His goal now is to bring true street dance culture back to light in the Cincinnati area. He is now working closely with various organizations to achieve this goal.